Shirley's Special Pack Premium Grade Catnip

Very fragrant. Cats love this high-grade, premium quality catnip. Imported from Canada, packed exclusively by Shirley. Featured kitty is our very own "The Boss."
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Cats love this high-grade, premium quality catnip

Shirley's Special Pack Premium grade Catnip. Very fragrant.

Catnip, Nepeta cataria, is a member of the mint family, imported probably from Europe, though originally native to the Middle East, that went wild and now flourishes everywhere. It grows about 2' tall. The leaves are downy above and below, a little larger than peppermint leaves, and was said to be a good tea to drink to bring down fevers, as well as pleasant-tasting.

Catnip, a member of the mint family, is harmless for felines. Although many cats will eat it, scientists say they're reacting to the smell rather than the taste. Felines bite, chew, rub against, and roll in catnip to release the volatile oil trapped in the leaves.

About 80% of adult cats -- including lions, pumas, and leopards! -- react to this irresistible, intoxicating, analgesic soporific. The tendency to like or ignore catnip is inherited, and it's true that some cats are immune to its influence.

Here's what some of Shirley's customers have to say about her catnip.

"The cats really do absolutely adore your catnip! I put the nip in their old Friskies's bottle and they went nuts. I watch my Schnookie go wild, dragging it across the kitchen and Olivia drools over it on my living room floor. Thanks for the nip...they love it and it is just the right price!!!"
Melissa and David H. (Houston, TX)

"When I got home, I took the sample, gave them a little, and put the rest on the table. When I turned around, they were trying to tear into the bag like 2 junkies! Enclosed please find my order!"
L. R. (Oregon)

  "Just a note to tell you how much my three kittens have enjoyed the catnip. They play hard, and then have to have a long nap to rest up and play again. I really enjoyed your shop and hope to visit again soon."
Rosalee (Porter, TX)

"We came in this weekend and received a free sample of Catnip for our cat. She loved it. I had to hide the bag from her. Because she was trying to rip it open. And the flyer I brought home also smelled like the catnip and she was rolling all over it. I mean this is true cat love for this catnip. We will be back for more. Thank you for getting such a great product."
Dana D. (Houston)

Thank you for the catnip... I love it and so do both my brothers, my sister, my mom, and all 3 of my little nephews. You ought to see how crazy it gets around here when we all get high. We roll around on the floor, swat at each other and sometimes at nothing, meow and carry on like we don't have a thing between our ears!! I know, we are persians, and we don't have that much in there anyway, but we do have enough to know that we Love that catnip!!!
Love,Simply Sebastion